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Faut S. (ed.).
CHast` 2: M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-8243-1650-6.

Bol`dt K.
M.: 2012. ISBN ..
Major-General Konstantin Boldt was a famous Russian specialist in weapon. In 1864, he issued the third book - " Guide for the study of hunting weapons...

Nikiforov L.V., Naumov A.S. (ed.).
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-9940-0324-4.
The book focuses on the role of the Emancipation Reform of 1861 in the history of Russia. It is based on the proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific...

Stoklitskaia-Tereshkovich V. V.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-85209-274-8.
The monograph covers the history of German, French and Italian medieval towns in the Xth – XVth centuries. It is written by Vera Stoklitskaya-Tereshko...

Avrelii Prudentsii Klement.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91763-105-9.
Aurelius Prudentius Clemens was a leading Roman Christian poet of Latin Antiquity. The book analyzes two major works by Prudentius – Psychomachia (a p...

Smolin M.B.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-7893-0140-1.
The book analyzes religious and legal aspects of the relations between the Russian state and the Church. It discusses the issues of religious toleranc...

Stepanov A. M., Drozdov B. V. (ed.) a et.
Vypuski 5-6: M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-9973-1709-6.
The collection includes reports made in 2009 – 2011 at the sociocultural seminar dedicated to Viktor Bugrovsky. It discusses the issues of cultural de...

Davydov A.A., CHurakov A.N.
M.: 2000. ISBN 5-89697-047-1.
The book focuses on the use of the modular theory of society in the analysis and prediction of various socio-economic systems.
$14.00  Special price: $6.00

Roksboro A.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91657-359-6.
The author of the book worked as a Kremlin insider advising Putin on press relations. He describes the dramatic fight for Russia’s future under Vladim...

M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91763-095-3.
The anthology includes works by the Russian poets-translators of the XXIst century. It presents best examples of poetic translations from 26 different...

Boiarskikh E.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-905474-01-9.
The main character of the fairy tale is a young boy named Hey. The book describes his adventures in the Stone Age.

Fliamer M.G. (ed.).
Vypusk 2:Kniga 1,2: M.: 2000. ISBN 5-901075-06-4; 5-901075-07-2.
The first book includes articles on the development of juvenile justice in different countries of the world. The second book comprises current laws of...
$46.00  Special price: $23.00

Trenin D.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-8243-1633-9.
The book covers the history of Russia after the fall of the Russian Empire. It studies geopolitical, economic, demographic, cultural and ideological i...

Fain A. M.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91865-133-9.
The book includes narratives, short stories and plays by Alexander Fain, a contemporary Russian writer.

Zarubin I. S.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-903559-33-6.
The book includes poems and short stories by Isaac Zarubin, a contemporary Russian writer.

M.: 2012. ISBN 5-85134-043-6.
The book is dedicated to Emperor Nicholas II. It is based on the memoirs of Sir John Hanbury-Williams, a major general of the British army.

M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91362-515-1.
The book tells about the Russian Orthodox saints named Alexander: Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Svirsky, Alexander Vologodsky, Alexander Oshevensky, Ale...

Aleinikov S.V.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-89394-231-6.
The book describes the current political situation in Somalia, the structure of federal and regional authorities, the main military and political grou...

Biriukov A. M.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-86388-186-7.
The book describes military awards of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Foreign Campaign of the Russian Army in 1813 – 1814. It is dedicated to the 20...

Andreev V.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-91563-095-5.
The book focuses on the role of epiphanies in mythology, the Old Testament, Orthodox iconography, and works by the Church Fathers. It analyzes the ima...
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