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IAblokov E.A.
M.: 2005. ISBN 5-901250-16-8.
The articles are devoted to comparative analysis of the Russian literature in the XIX-XXth centuries: L.Tolstoy, F.Dostoevsky, I.Bunin, M.Bulgakov, A....

Guseva O. (ed.).
M.: 2009. ISBN 978-5-9720-0097-5.
The album is devoted to the 30th anniversary of the world-famous Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra.
$52.00  Special price: $19.00

IAvlinskii G.A.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-4399-0013-8.
The edition represents the estimation of the epoch of reforms in Russia by the leader of the Russian United Democratic Party "Yabloko".

Sarnov B.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-91147-011-1.
The book tells about famous people of the Stalin era: Tatiana Okunevskaya, Viktor Shklovsky, Yaroslav Smelyakov, etc. It shows the transformation of f...

Tom 92/ I-II: M.: 2010. ISBN 978-5-02-037391-4.
$31.00  Special price: $10.00

Tom 94/ I: M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-02-037514-7.

Tom 94/ II: M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-02-037528-4.

Kozarzhevskii A.CH.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-397-02902-5.
The book analyzes the main issues concerning the study of the New Testament as a historical source of facts and ideas. It compares the New Testament w...

Erisanova I.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-98181-079-4.
The captivating mystery novel by a contemporary Russian writer Irina Erisanova.

Makhno N. I.
M. : 2011.
The autobiography of a Ukrainian anarcho-communist, participant of the Russian Revolution and one of the Ukraine insurgent movement organizers. Storie...

Andreev V.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-91563-095-5.
The book focuses on the role of epiphanies in mythology, the Old Testament, Orthodox iconography, and works by the Church Fathers. It analyzes the ima...

Biriukov A. M.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-86388-186-7.
The book describes military awards of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Foreign Campaign of the Russian Army in 1813 – 1814. It is dedicated to the 20...

Aleinikov S.V.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-89394-231-6.
The book describes the current political situation in Somalia, the structure of federal and regional authorities, the main military and political grou...

M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91362-515-1.
The book tells about the Russian Orthodox saints named Alexander: Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Svirsky, Alexander Vologodsky, Alexander Oshevensky, Ale...

M.: 2012. ISBN 5-85134-043-6.
The book is dedicated to Emperor Nicholas II. It is based on the memoirs of Sir John Hanbury-Williams, a major general of the British army.

Zarubin I. S.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-903559-33-6.
The book includes poems and short stories by Isaac Zarubin, a contemporary Russian writer.

Fain A. M.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-91865-133-9.
The book includes narratives, short stories and plays by Alexander Fain, a contemporary Russian writer.

Trenin D.
M.: 2012. ISBN 978-5-8243-1633-9.
The book covers the history of Russia after the fall of the Russian Empire. It studies geopolitical, economic, demographic, cultural and ideological i...

Fliamer M.G. (ed.).
Vypusk 2:Kniga 1,2: M.: 2000. ISBN 5-901075-06-4; 5-901075-07-2.
The first book includes articles on the development of juvenile justice in different countries of the world. The second book comprises current laws of...
$46.00  Special price: $23.00

Boiarskikh E.
M.: 2011. ISBN 978-5-905474-01-9.
The main character of the fairy tale is a young boy named Hey. The book describes his adventures in the Stone Age.
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