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Eruzalim B.
Grodno: 2020.
The album is dedicated to preserving the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, tells about the fate of children during the war, about those who save...
Al'bom posviaùen sokhranenèiu pamiatè o zhertvakh KHolokosta, rasskazyvaet o sud'bakh detei v hody voiny, o tekh, kto spasal èkh rèskuia zhèzn'iu.

Volkau M.A.(comp.).
Minsk: 2020. ISBN 978-985-01-1396-2.
"Outlines are different" is the name of the collection of hand-drawn drawings and drawings of Hetman Janusz Radziwill, which is a unique collection an...
«Abrysy roznyia» - heta nazva kalektsy³ ulasnaruchnykh maliunkau ³ chartsiazhou hetmana IAnusha Ra- dz³v³la, iakaia z’iauliaetstsa un³kal'nym zboram ³ ne mae bl³zk³kh a...

Rudyi K.V.i dr. (ed.).
Minsk: 2021. ISBN 978-985-575-280-7.
This book is about Belarusians. How do the peculiarities of their thinking and behavior affect the economy? How can this be changed? How to decode the...
Eta knèha o belorusakh. Kak osobennostè èkh myshlenèia è povedenèia vlèiaiut na ekonomèku? Kak eto èzmenèt'? Kak raskodèrovat' belorusskuiu ekonomèku è vyvest...

2021: Minsk: 2021.

Minsk: 2020. ISBN 978-985-7241-13-2.
The yearbook is the most comprehensive annual publication of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus reflecting phenomena and pr...

IAkoniuk V.L.; Onoshko I.IU.(comp.).
Vypusk 49: Minsk: 2020. ISBN 978-985-7187-43-0.

Bondarenko N.L. (ed.).
Issue 2020:1(15): Minsk: 2020.
"Collection of scientific works" Actual problems of civil law "is a periodical printed publication containing scientific articles of famous civil scie...
"Sbornèk nauchnykh trudov "Aktual'nye problemy hrazhdanskoho prava" predstavliaet soboi perèodècheskoe pechatnoe èzdanèe, soderzhaùee nauchnye stat'è èzvestny...

Valkovich A. (comp., ed.).
3(31)-2020: Brest: 2020.

Podlipskii A.M.
Vitebsk: 2020. ISBN 978-985-534-180-3.
The author of this fundamental publication is Arkady Mikhailovich Podlipsky, a journalist and ethnographer, who was awarded the title of Person of the...
Avtor etoho fundamental'noho èzdanèia – Arkadèi Mèkhailovèch Podlèpskèi, zhurnalèst è kraeved, udostoennyi v 2017 hodu zvanèia CHelovek hoda Vètebùèny za vo...

Gnezdovskii IU.IU. i dr. (ed.).
Minsk: 2020. ISBN 978-985-7240-36-4.
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