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Tom 9: Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-08-0629-X.
$39.00  Special price: $9.00

Vabishchevich S.S.
Minsk: 2003. ISBN 985-6731-02-X.
The author analyses economical and civil legislation and theoretical views of scientists who carried out research in the sphere of general theory of l...
$10.00  Special price: $5.00

Samal' S.A.
Minsk: 2003. ISBN 985-426-994-9.
In the monograph the author concentrates on advisability of artificial intelligence ideology spread and use of natural intelligence on all stages of i...
$14.00  Special price: $7.00

Doroshkevich V.A., Zar'kov V.M., SHavrov S.A., et al.
Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-6735-17-3.
The book comprises unofficial translations of major legislative acts of Sweden on managing real estate and includes comparative analysis of Swedish an...
$22.00  Special price: $11.00

Rahautsou V.І.
Mahіleu: 2004. ISBN 985-480-054-7.
The author explains major linguistic terms by the example of the Belarusian language and provides examples from other languages if necessary. Terminol...
$18.00  Special price: $9.00

Kalugin V.IU., Akulov D.V.
Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-463-157-5.
The authors research into the regulation of the issues of suppression of violations of international humanitarian law and its interference with intern...
$19.00  Special price: $8.00

Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-435-775-9.
$9.00  Special price: $4.00

 2002. ISBN 985-435-490-3.
$21.00  Special price: $10.00

Minsk: 2001. ISBN 5-7815-0458-3.
$9.00  Special price: $4.00

Bembel' A.
Liondan: 1985.
This work was created in Belarus in 1979-1981 and is devoted to the modern language situation in the republic and to the fate of Belarussian language ...
$12.00  Special price: $6.00

Pushkin I.
Mahileu: 2004. ISBN 985-480-066-0.
The monograph concentrates on different aspects of life of national minorities in the BSSR in the 1920s: the participation of their political, educati...
$14.00  Special price: $7.00

Gomel': 2003.
The collection contains the best scientific works by students and post-graduates of Gomel State University dedicated to the present-day situation, pro...
$9.00  Special price: $4.00

Novopolotsk: 2003. ISBN 985-418-199-5.
Materials on history, culturology, psychology, literature, linguistics, law, economy, informatics, ecology, construction and architecture.
$18.00  Special price: $9.00

Issue 19: Mahiliou: 2004.
A collection of articles on a wide range of questions of history, philosophy, economy, law, linguistic studies and psychology.
$22.00  Special price: $11.00

Minsk : 2003. ISBN 985-463-128-1.
A collection of articles on topical problems of theology, religion studies and philosophy of religion.
$12.00  Special price: $7.00

Karev D.
Grodno: 2004. ISBN 985-417-383-6.
The book is dedicated to the basic issues of economic theory in the context social sciences.
$17.00  Special price: $8.00

Tolochko O.
Grodno: 2003. ISBN 985-417-426-3.
The monograph presents a review of the modern doctrinal thesis in the sphere of legal control of foreign economic relations and priority orientations ...
$9.00  Special price: $4.00

Minsk: 2003.
The main achievements of the prominent physicist N.A. Borisevich in scientific, organizational and social activities are reflected in the reference bo...
$19.00  Special price: $9.00

Minsk: 2003. ISBN 985-6056-63-2.
The collected articles present comparative analysis of various contexts of modern gender politics, implemented in the post-soviet countries.
$19.00  Special price: $8.00

1(2) 2004:  2004.
The present edition contains biographic materials concerning eminent personalities of Belarusian cultural revival.
$14.00  Special price: $7.00
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