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Jonathan D Jansen.
Stellenbosch : 2021. ISBN 9781928314011.
Here for the first time is an account of the inner lives of teachers during and immediately after the pandemic lockdown. What is teaching like during ...

Lis Lange .
Stellenbosch: 2021. ISBN 9781991201348.
The volume explores and thinks through the process of decolonising the South African higher education system by examining #MustFall. The text offers t...

Christine Coates.
Cape Town: 2021. ISBN 9781928433026.
Christine Coates, a poet and writer from Cape Town, holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town. She has had two collections of p...

Sheila Meintjes.
Pietermaritzburg: 2020. ISBN 9780639804002.
This history of one of the earliest nineteenth-century mission stations in Natal traces the transformation in the lives of a community that settled fi...

Peter Kallaway .
Stellenbosch: 2021. ISBN 9781928314912.

Charlotte Hill O'Neal.
Johannesburg : 2021. ISBN 9781776376827.
CHARLOTTE HILL O’NEAL aka Mama C aka Iya Osotunde Fasuyi is an internationally known visual artist, musician, performance artist, ATR priestess, film ...

Fairhead B.
Cape Town: 2021. ISBN 9781928433323.
Barbara Fairhead was born in the UK in 1939, and has lived in South Africa since 1948. She is an artist, sculptor, fiction writer, and the lyricist fo...

Kwesi Yankah.
Grahamstown: 2021. ISBN 9781920033804.
By integrating his own biography into a critique of the global politics of knowledge production, Yankah, through a collection of essays, interrogates ...

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