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Vasilevich A.
Minsk: 1988. ISBN 5-340-00005-2.
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Skarynkin U.
Minsk: 1988. ISBN 5-340-00065-6.
$9.00  Special price: $5.00

Tavlai Valentin.
Minsk: 1988. ISBN 5-340-00246-2.
Translated from Bealrusian.
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Samailiuk T.A.
Minsk: 1994.
Gritskevich Anatol Pyatrovich (1929-2015) - Belarusian historian, doctor of historical sciences. He has more than 900 scientific papers, including 6 m...
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Karpilovich T.P.
Vypusk 6: Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-460-875-4.

Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-583-340-7.
In 2018, the main concept of the Forum is devoted to the implementation in the Union State of a program for the formation and development in Russia an...

Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-90441-4-4.
The FPB stimulates young people to participate in trade union life, as well as morally and financially supports students who successfully combine trad...

Arutiunova N.O., Matsaberidze N.V.
Vypusk 44: Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7187-14-0.
The collection of scientific articles contains materials prepared on the basis of the reports of the participants of the international scientific-prac...

Barankevich L.F. (comp.).
Vypusk 43: Mіnsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7187-13-3.
The articles of the collection deal with the problems of ethnomuscology, questions of the theory and history of music, performing arts, and musical ed...

SHantyko A.S. i dr. (ed., comp.).
Gomel': 2018. ISBN 978-985-6477-48-8.
Trends and directions of development of agricultural engineering in the field of tractors, universal energy tools, mounted and trailed machines, clean...

Agabekov V.E. i dr. (ed.).
Vypusk 3: Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-08-2334-2.
The collection includes articles by participants of the VIth International Scientific and Technical Conference "Alternative sources of raw materials a...

SHul'man A. i dr.(comp.).
Vitebsk: 2018.

Kovalevich A.I. i dr. (ed.).
Gomel': 2018. ISBN 978-985-6768-30-2.
Works of scientists from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, dedicated to forestry and forestry issues; reforestation, breeding ...

Petrova O.A.(ed.).
Vypusk 65: Minsk: 2018.
International Association of the Academies of Sciences was created in 1993 in Kiev to facilitate cooperation between Academies of Sciences. In 2017 th...

Gorbunova L.V., Gromova T.V. (comp.).
Baranovichi: 2018. ISBN 978-985-498-818-4.
The main results of professional, scientific and pedagogical activities of the candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor of the department of...

Samus' V.A. i dr. (ed.).
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-08-2326-7.

Prudnikov V.A.
Minsk: 2018.
The issues of optimal parameters of acidity of sod-podzolic soil, the frequency of re-liming, soil provision with mobile forms of phosphates and potas...

Rogal'skii S. (ed.).
Vypusk 1: Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-566-513-8.
The fifth symposium, which took place in September 2010 in Minsk, was organized by the joint efforts of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthod...

Badzevich Z. I. i insh.
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-566-590-9.

Vaksman S., Kucherenko N.
Vypusk 10: Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7161-25-6.
Yevgeny Alexandrovich Reytsen (born November 6, 1935, Kiev, Ukrainian SSR) is a Soviet and Ukrainian scientist in the field of urban transport systems...

Belaruskaia torgovo-promyshlennaia palata (comp.).
Vypusk 3: Minsk: 2018.
This is a business guide for our country, which contains all the necessary information for foreign business circles about Belarus, its economic, expor...

Minsk: 2018.
This exposition will tell about the Belarusian projects that are being implemented with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus...

Mazurek F.R.
Zamasts': 2018.
Frantisek Richard Mazurek (born 1951) is a landscape painter, a member of the Union of Polish Artists. The exhibition will feature about 40 paintings ...

Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7074-93-8.
Translated into Belarussian. Third Apostolic Pope Francis appeal devoted to reflection on the theme of holiness in the modern world, above all, the de...

IAkimovich E.A.
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-596-143-8.

Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-581-229-7.
Pearls of children's creativity - drawings and pictures.

Volod'ko V.F.
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7113-15-6.
Business communication, psychology of business and negotiations. Socio-economic basis of negotiations, ethics, nonverbal communication.

Romanchuk A.A. (protoierei).
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7102-74-7.
The second edition of the monograph by Archpriest Alexander Romanchuk “Joseph (Semashko), Metropolitan of Lithuania and Vilna: Life and Ministry” (the...

Adulo T.I. i dr. (ed.).
Vypusk 5: Minsk: 2018.
The fifth edition of the annual collection of scientific papers included works that covered the main sections of modern philosophical science - the ph...

Lokotko A.I.
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-08-2302-1.
The book is devoted to the development of tourism infrastructure in Belarus on the basis of historical and cultural landscapes, architectural and town...
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