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Fedorov B.G.
Tom 1: Smolensk: 2010. ISBN 978-5-902-093-21-3.
The book is devoted to little-studied issues of the history of Smolensk gentry. The first volume comprises documents on history and culture of gentry,...

Ognev A.V.
Tver': 2009. ISBN 978-5-7609-0496-6.
Revelation of problems of Russian Soviet literature development during the Great Patriotic War and post-war period.

Anikeev V.M.
Smolensk: 2009. ISBN 978-5-86-064123-5.
Depicture of Smolensk sacred places, wonderworking icons, masterpieces of wooden sculpture and monuments of the baroque epoch, temples of the XIIth-XV...

Glazkov P.V.
Tambov: SPb: 2008. ISBN 978-5-303-00330-9.
The book is devoted to the problem of freedom philosophy of M.A. Bakunin (1814-1876) – a theorist and practitioner of the world anarchism. The first p...
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Suprunov A.I.
Tver': 2008. ISBN 978-5-903493-01-2.
The book analyses the problems and decisions made by Russian military and political management leaders during the battle actions on Caucasus.

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