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Since 1991 we have been creating the system of regional representatives we are using now. Step by step, year after year we have been establishing our network through all large Publishing Centers of Baltic countries, Caucasus, Central Asia, Siberia, Ukraine etc. Today we have agents in almost all major cities of post-Soviet area.

Currently we supply books from:

We strongly support the idea that our customers must have the opportunity to see every book published in Post-Soviet area in our catalogs. Special attention is being paid to monographic editions, which represent relevant researches in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Advantage of MIPP Service:

We offer free search for titles not included in our catalogs and not presented online. This way we give our customers the opportunity to use our sources in finding books which are out of stock or rarity ones. That could be a real challenge and that is the part of work we never refuse.

The Service is Free
On our site (as well as in all MIPP book catalogs) we give the most complete information on all books and periodicals we offer including professional annotations, covers’ scans, bibliographical data. We are always ready to assit you with any additional information: book contents, copies of certain pages etc. at  In case you can not find a particular title you can request it at Books on Demand page.

In order to speed up the delivery MIPP has founded branches in various Publishing Centers. Thus, in most cases we make shipment directly from the regions and it could save you a lot of time. Now you don’t have to wait while the ordered titles migrate from the place they were obtained to the place they are shipped from.

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%session.Data("BOOKS.Home","Count",2,175990) $LB($115.00)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,18) $LB(Institutional subscription to 145 academic journals on <b>Humanities and Social Sciences </b> is available at platform on an annual basis. The collection offers broad coverage of subjects such as Literature and Linguistics, Art and Culture, History, Social Sciences, Religion, and more.\r\nThis package features prominent Russian journals such as “Voprosy kul’turologii” and “Rossiia i sovremennyi mir” (2007-2012), “Sibirskii filologicheskii zhurnal” , “Literaturovedcheskii zhurnal” and “Zhivaia starina” (2008-2012), “Voenno-istoricheskii zhurnal” (2009-2012) and more. For more information contact |<b>MIPP Electronic Resources Department!</b>|,eLIBRARY Humanities and Social Sciences Collection,
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,8) $LB(The discount starts at 20% (25% for Baltic States) and can go up to <b>40%</b> off MIPP catalog prices.<br>\r\nAll parameters are determined by the Library and may be updated on a regular basis. Each approval plan at MIPP is a combination of unique requirements of each client strictly followed under the supervision of our <a href="" class="d">Customer Service Center</a><br>\r\n|<b>More information here</b>|,Approval Plan - Save by Doing Less!,Page.Help.cls?urlhelp=termshelp#terms2)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,10) $LB(Integrum database services represent the expansive electronic archive of Russian and CIS mass media. The collection covers newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws and decrees and much more. <br>\r\nGrasp an opportunity to have a free trial access to Integrum databases. For more information contact |<b>MIPP Electronic Resources Department!</b>|\r\n,Integrum database - take a free trial now!,
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,11) $LB(ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS – an American publishing company specializing in Jewish and Slavic studies. MIPP International distributes all the publications of ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS at publisher’s price. We would be happy to receive your orders at <br>\r\n|<b>Check the latest SLAVIC catalog!</b>|\r\n,New Catalogs from Academic Studies Press!,/doc/Academic_studies_press_catalog2010_SLAVIC.pdf)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,14) $LB(<br>MIPP International and eLIBRARY.RU have recently announced a subscription 2012 to 34 journals on Literature and Linguistics </b> from the authoritative Russian publishers.|DETAILS|.,Academic journals from eLIBRARY.RU,/doc/MIPP_eCatalog_LingLit_pdf.pdf)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,16) $LB(MIPP International offers institutional subscription to <b> Russian eBooks Art and Cultural Studies Subject Collections</b> of University Library Online at the special discounted price - 990$ per year. <b>|The offer is valid till February 15, 2012. |</b> \r\n,Art and Culture ebooks collections from BIBLIOCLUB,
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,17) $LB(<br>Send your order on the database until January 31, 2012 and receive the full access to the most comprehensive electronic collection of Russian dissertations with 15% discount at $4505 per year! </br>|Details| ,Special offer on Russian Dissertations,
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",2,9) $LB(ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS – an American publishing company specializing in Jewish and Slavic studies. MIPP International distributes all the publications of ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS at publisher’s price. We would be happy to receive your orders at <br>\r\n|<b>Check the latest JEWISH catalog!</b>|\r\n,New Catalogs from Academic Studies Press! ,/doc/Academic_studies_press_catalog2010_JEWISH.pdf)
%session.Data("DirLanguage") /InetPub/NEWSITE/language
%session.Data("Host") 4970245
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%session.Data("MainURL") /Page.BOOKS.cls
%session.Data("SQL") select BOOKS from BOOKS.Sales
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%session.Data("group","AFRICA") $LB(60,AFRICA)
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%session.Data("group","CENTRAL ASIA") $LB(7,CENTRAL ASIA)
%session.Data("group","EASTERN EUROPE") $LB(4,EASTERN EUROPE)
%session.Data("group","MIDDLE EAST") $LB(61,MIDDLE EAST)
%session.Data("group","MOLDOVA-ROMANIA") $LB(6,MOLDOVA-ROMANIA)
%session.Data("group","Other") $LB(11,Other)
%session.Data("group","RUSSIA") $LB(9,RUSSIA)
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%session.Data("region","Malawi") $LB(97,Malawi)
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%session.Data("region","Montenegro") $LB(63,Montenegro)
%session.Data("region","Morocco") $LB(79,Morocco)
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%session.Data("region","Myanmar") $LB(68,Myanmar)
%session.Data("region","Nepal") $LB(66,Nepal)
%session.Data("region","Nigeria") $LB(95,Nigeria)
%session.Data("region","Pakistan") $LB(67,Pakistan)
%session.Data("region","Poland") $LB(30,Poland)
%session.Data("region","Senegal") $LB(91,Senegal)
%session.Data("region","Serbia") $LB(37,Serbia)
%session.Data("region","Singapore") $LB(69,Singapore)
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%session.Data("region","Slovenia") $LB(52,Slovenia)
%session.Data("region","Somalia") $LB(98,Somalia)
%session.Data("region","South Africa") $LB(81,South Africa)
%session.Data("region","St.Petersburg") $LB(8,St.Petersburg)
%session.Data("region","Syria") $LB(87,Syria)
%session.Data("region","Tajikistan") $LB(27,Tajikistan)
%session.Data("region","Tanzania") $LB(90,Tanzania)
%session.Data("region","The North") $LB(16,The North)
%session.Data("region","The Urals") $LB(17,The Urals)
%session.Data("region","Turkey") $LB(50,Turkey)
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%session.Data("region","Uganda") $LB(96,Uganda)
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%session.Data("region","Volga") $LB(12,Volga)
%session.Data("region","Western Europe, USA and Canada") $LB(47,Western Europe, USA and Canada)
%session.Data("region","Western Siberia") $LB(18,Western Siberia)
%session.Data("region","Zimbabwe") $LB(93,Zimbabwe)
%session.Data("resultid") 192905
%session.Data("transcript") 1

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