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В течение 13 лет мы постепенно создавали собственную уникальную сеть региональных офисов и представителей. Шаг за шагом, год за годом мы налаживали работу во все большем количестве основных издательских центров стран Балтии, Центральной Азии, Закавказья, Украины и остальных регионов. На сегодняшний день наши представители работают практически во всех основных городах на постсоветском пространстве.

Мы поставляем книги из следующих регионов:

We strongly support the idea that our customers must have the opportunity to see every book published in Post-Soviet area in our catalogs. Special attention is being paid to monographic editions, which represent relevant researches in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Advantage of MIPP Service:

We offer free search for titles not included in our catalogs and not presented online. This way we give our customers the opportunity to use our sources in finding books which are out of stock or rarity ones. That could be a real challenge and that is the part of work we never refuse.

The Service is Free
On our site (as well as in all MIPP book catalogs) we give the most complete information on all books and periodicals we offer including professional annotations, covers’ scans, bibliographical data. We are always ready to assit you with any additional information: book contents, copies of certain pages etc. at custserv@mippbooks.com.  In case you can not find a particular title you can request it at Books on Demand page.

In order to speed up the delivery MIPP has founded branches in various Publishing Centers. Thus, in most cases we make shipment directly from the regions and it could save you a lot of time. Now you don’t have to wait while the ordered titles migrate from the place they were obtained to the place they are shipped from.

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