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KHarkiv : Vivat , 2020. 464 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-982-119-5; 9789669821195.  In Ukrainian
Machines are worshiped. Priests who serve her from birth are not so much able to see the future as to look into the past. Her predictions are awaited with fear, trying to decipher the signs she sends. In the post-apocalyptic world of Daria Piscozub's novel, humanity once again lives in tribes that are fighting each other for survival, and the mysterious Machine is all that is left of civilization. Someone wants to humanize it, someone is fighting against it, but it is eternal and seems to be able to destroy what it should protect…
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Mashyni pokloniaiut'sia. ZHertsi, iaki sluzhat' ii vid narodzhennia, ne stil'ky zdatni bachyty maibutnie, skil'ky zazyraiut' u mynule. Ii peredbachen' chekaiut' z ostrakhom, namahaiuchys' rozhadaty znaky, iaki vona posylaie. U postapokaliptychnomu sviti romanu Darii Piskozub liudstvo znovu zhyve v plemenakh, iaki voiuiut' odne z odnym za vyzhyvannia, a zahadkova Mashyna — vse, shcho lyshylosia vid tsyvilizatsii. KHtos' khoche ii oliudnyty, khtos' boret'sia proty nei, ale vona vichna i, zdaiet'sia, spromozhna znyshchyty te, shcho mala by oberihaty…
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