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Naiste uelevisked rahvaroivaste juurde.

Women's throw-ins to folk costumes
Tallinn: Eesti rahva muuseum , 2019. 71 p., il. 30 cm. Hard. ISBN 9789949548705.  In Estonian
What kind of shoulder pads did Estonian women wear in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries? As was the case with folk costumes, the folk costumes had their own local features and their fashion changed according to the general fashion trend. There were overflows both festive and casual, wool, semi-wool, linen and towels. In the period of wearing folk costumes, when there were not as many items of clothing as there are today, overlays played a much bigger role. As they went out, woolen or linen fabrics were pulled around to protect them from the evil weather. The woman shook off the snow or raindrops and the coat or coat remained nicely dry. On the occasion of the ceremony, however, a precious shoulder cover was taken over: a fine linen linen, a woolen friend with magical letters, or a modern shawl. Manufacturers and wearers of folk costumes find inspiration here in order to create an allure that is in line with our folk costume traditions and to wear it with joy and pride.
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