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Women`s sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and the Anglican church in Southern Malawi .
Mzuzu : Mzuni Press , 2020. 138 p. Soft. ISBN 9789996045059.  In English
Although research shows that a great percentage of the Malawian population is quite knowledgeable about HIV/Aids transmission and prevention, the epidemic still continues to kill at a fast rate, and the government and other stakeholders including the faith communities are continuously meeting the challenges of HIV/Aids. Many women in Malawi have died, infected and affected by the HIV pandemic because of, among other factors, a negative approach to their own sexuality. Culture, economy, ethics and values do influence a woman's sexual health, consequently affecting the whole family. In the mid 19th century when Christianity was introduced into Malawi, the missionaries took great concern at improving people's health. One such mission was the Universities Mission to Central Africa as a pioneer of the Anglican Church in Malawi. Since then to the present, the Church has worked as a team with the government in the provision of medical services in Malawi and in its fight against HIV/Aids This book therefore looks at how adequately the Anglican Church in the Upper Shire Diocese responds to the issue of women's sexual reproductive health in the context of HIV/Aids. Improving the status of women is not only a matter of theology but of ethics, health and survival. This challenges churches to change some of their attitudes and visions and to undertake new and creative initiatives in their pastoral ministry.

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