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Ot bezd'nnata bezdna: Dnevnik ot zatvora i Belene

From the Bottomless Abyss. : A Diary from Prison and Belene
Sofiia: Riva , 2018. 352 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 978954320644.  In Bulgarian
This book is a cry of the soul and a document of broken illusions. Its author Ivan Tutev (1902-1981) was proclaimed "an enemy to the people" in communist Bulgaria in 1949 by individuals who professed the same ideology as he did. A leftist intellectual and an economic functionary who had assisted the Bulgarian Communist Party during its underground years, Tutev paid a high price for the ideals of his youth when he was tried as a member of the Traicho Kostov Group and sentenced to life imprisonment under maximum security conditions.
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