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Georgi Stoikov Rakovski.

Duty and Honor: Georgi Stoikov Rakovski
Sofiia: Zakharii Stoianov , 2018. 280 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789540912134.  In Bulgarian
The book is about Georgi S. Rakovski (1821-1867), a revolutionary leader and writer, an early and influential partisan of Bulgarian liberation from Ottoman Turkish rule. Though his radical, violent schemes cost him conservative support, his leadership gave the first real impetus to the Bulgarian independence movement, and his journalistic and literary work especially won young Bulgarians to the national cause. Rakovski's diplomatic efforts made the Bulgarian problem better known in the European capitals. He organized a "Bulgarian Legion" of volunteers in Belgrade and later in Bucharest that was intended to form the core of a future Bulgarian army.
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