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Liberation and Technology: Development possibilities in pursuing technological autonomy
Tanzania: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers , 2018. 202 p. Soft. ISBN 9789987083299.  In English
Gussai H. Sheikheldin has broad knowledge and experience from the study and practice of sustainable development, technology localization, and relevant advocacy. He holds a PhD from the University of Guelph (Canada), a Master of Engineering and Public Policy (MEPP), and a BSc. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Born in 1982, Sudan, a native of Sudanic Africa and a resident of various regions of the world during a lifetime, Gussai seeks to understand and illuminate the dynamic interactions between technologies and institutions, at local and global scales, and how they influence social transformation and human worldviews. He is a research fellow with STIPRO (Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organization), a think tank of national, regional and global outreach, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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