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Bil'she nikomu.

No one else
KHarkiv : Vivat , 2020. 432 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-982-147-8; 9789669821478.  In Ukrainian
Anastasia Nikulina (Ukrainian Anastasia Nikulina) - Ukrainian writer, author of books in the styles of social prose, realism, adolescent literature (English young-adult), fantasy, anti-utopia, mysticism, fairy tales, adventure, drama. She also wrote under the pseudonym Iva Sean.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
Anastasyia Nykulyna (ukr. Anastasiia Nikulina) - ukraynskaia pysatel'nytsa, avtor knyh v styliakh ostrosotsyal'noi prozû, realyzma, podrostkovoi lyteraturû (anhl. young-adult), fýntezy, antyutopyy, mystyky, skazky, prykliuchenyi, dramû. Takzhe pysala pod psevdonymom Yva SHon (ukr. Iva SHon).
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