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Intelligence service of Lithuania in 1918–1940: personalities and images.
Vilnius: Lietuvos gyventoju genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras , 2020. 536 p. 26 x 25 cm. Hard. ISBN 9786098037869.  In Lithuanian and English
The images and documents in this album offer a wide-ranging insight into the development of Lithuanian intelligence services during the interwar years, providing the reader with knowledge on how the services were organized and how they operated, the tasks and structure, as well as the leadership and distinguished officers of the services. These services stood guard for more than two decades, defending the territorial integrity of Lithuania, keeping the constitutional order, preventing threats, fighting crimes and eliminating risks that were brought upon the state by both foreign and internal forces. This album looks at key moments in the operational history of the Lithuanian intelligence services, the nature of their work and their most significant achievements from autumn 1918 till 15 June 1940, when the USSR invaded and occupied Lithuania.
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