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Prekhodno vreme: Kn.1: Dogovoreniiat prekhod v B'lgariia. Lichnosti, idei, s'bitiia: Istoriia po... i otv'd dokumenta

Times of Transition. Persons, Ideas, Events: Book 1: The Negotiated Transition in Bulgaria
Kn.1: Sofiia: AI-Prof.Marin-Drinov , 2019. 562 p. Hard. ISBN 9789543229932.  In Bulgarian
The author Dimiter Ludzhev (born 1950) is a Bulgarian scholar and politician who was particularly active in the country's politics in the first few years after the democratic changes of 1989. He served as a member of parliament, deputy prime minister and minister of defense. In this book, Ludzhev aspires to offer an objective analysis of Bulgaria's transition to democracy. He draws on the archives of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers and on records of public statements made at the time.
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