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B'lgarskata monarkhiia: T.1: CHedata na khunite (632-765)

The Bulgarian Monarchy: Volume 1: The Children of the Huns (632-765)
T.1: Sofiia: A&T-Publishing , 2019. 328 p. 20 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786197430257.  In Bulgarian
With our hectic lifestyle nowadays, we rarely pause to think about how powerful the ancient Bulgarian monarchy actually was. Its territory spread from the rivers Don and Kuban in the east to the Danube's Iron Gates Gorge in the west, and its victorious cavalry traversed the entire continent from the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains all the way to warm and sunny Italy. Besides going to war, the earliest Bulgarian kings built cities, erected monuments and amassed gold treasures, which, 13 centuries later, inspire awe in their descendants.
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