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KHudozhnik staroi Karagandy Vladimir Eifert: Sbornik

The artist of the old Karaganda Vladimir Eifert: Collection
Karagandy: Bolashak - Baspa , 2018. 108 p. 20 x 15 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-601-273-368-6; 9786012733686.  In Russian
The book is devoted to the famous Soviet painter and art historian Vladimir Alexandrovich Eifert (1884 - 1960). Over time, his burial place was forgotten. The grave was discovered by enthusiasts and refined in 2018 solely on private donations of Karaganda people. This collection of local lore bears the first project and the first experience of creating a voluntary creative team for the worthy preservation of the names of notable countrymen of the Karaganda region.
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