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Izmamata San Stefano: Rusko-turskata porobitelna voina

The San Stefano Con: The Russian-Turkish War
Sofiia: Siela , 2018. 480 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789542826484.  In Bulgarian
The book exposes the deceptive nature of the Treaty of San Stefano, signed between Russia and the Ottoman Empire to end the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. The treaty provided for the creation of an autonomous Principality of Bulgaria following almost 500 years of Ottoman domination. The author of the book argues that the Treaty of San Stefano had no international legal value. The Russian government described it as "preliminary", which practically meant "fictitious" and implied that a real treaty was yet to come. Four months later, it was superseded by the Treaty of Berlin, with dire consequences for Bulgaria. In this way, the Russians made sure that the discontent about the reversal of the Treaty of San Stefano was directed against the Western powers (Austria-Hungary and Britain), not against Russia.
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