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Mova: Vydanne 3-e

Language: The 3nd edition
Minsk: Knihazbor , 2019. 272 p. Soft. ISBN 978-985-7207-71-8. 500 copies.  In Belarusian
Minsk, 4741 year on the Chinese calendar. Tribulation times over, came the era of the rise of China and Russia Union State, carefree nasalozhvannya. Shopping religion i cold sexy. However, there is something in this society a solid welfare lacks both water and air. Sentimental smuggler Sergei under penalty of death to import precious treasure from abroad and is closely monitored by the Minsk underground, led by the Chinese mafia led by the mysterious aunt. Together they try to break the system, in which good and evil, the Enlightenment, and the criminals, love, consumption, loyalty and betrayal reversed. Can you imagine without Belarus Belarus? This novel - a bad dream about the future, which can be prevented only in communion with the treasure, around which the action begins this linguistic militants. Winner of literary prizes ESFS Awards-2014 for the book "Shagnum" and "Disturbia".
Status: available to be ordered marc21
M³nsk, 4741 hod pa k³taisk³m kalendary. CHasy Smutku skonchyl³sia, nadyshla era uzvyshennia Saiuznai dziarzhavy K³taia ³ Ras³³, besklapotnaha nasalodzhvannia. SHop³nh-rel³h³³ i cold sexy. Adnak ³snue Neshta, chaho u hetym hramadstve sutsel'naha dabrabytu ne stae iak vady ³ pavetra. Sentymental'ny kantrabandyst Siarozha pad strakham smiarotnaha pakarannia uvoz³ts' kashtouny skarb z-za miazhy ³ apynaetstsa pad p³l'nym kantrolem m³nskaha padpollia, uznachalenaha k³taiskai maf³iai pad k³raun³tstvam taiamn³chai TSiotk³. Razam iany sprabuiuts' zlamats' s³stemu, u iakoi dabro ³ zlo, asvetn³k³ ³ zlachyntsy, kakhanne ³ spazhyvanne, vernasts' ³ zdrada pamianial³sia mestsam³. TS³ mozhatse vy uiav³ts' Belarus' bez Belarus³? Hety raman - strashny son pra buduchyniu, pradukh³l³ts' iakuiu mozhna tol'k³ u luchnasts³ z tym skarbam, vakol iakoha ³ raspachynaetstsa dzeianne hetaha l³nhv³stychnaha baev³ka. Laureat lèteraturnoi premèè ESFS Awards-2014 za knèhè "Sfahnum" è "Paranoiia"

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