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President Battulga, whom I know: Translated by Gonching Ganbold
New Delhi : Har-Anand Publications Pvt Ltd , 2019. 251 p., il., map. 25 cm. Hard. ISBN 9789388409025 .  In English
Biography of President Battulga (Mongolian president from 2017), on his philosophy, life experiences, successes and failures as businessman to successful politician. Mongolia is a weird country. It used to be the second socialist country in the world after Soviet Union, but transformed into democratic system 30 years ago, but still in the midst of search for right way to grow. In that society, Battulga, who used to be a painter, later transformed into successful businessman, starting his business as a sewer, later created the largest conglomerate in Mongolia, had challenged in politics, as he himself believed the nation should not starve, while only a handful people live rich. Supported by 60% of the nation, he managed to get elected as a president, and the book is about his entire journey up till the presidency.
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