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Tretii riven'. Korotki istorii.

The third level. Short stories
Kyiv : Nora-druk , 2020. 240 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-688-048-5; 9789666880485.  In Ukrainian
"The third Level" - the first and only collection of short fiction by Andrei Kokotyukha. Here are all forms of criminal prose: from a classic detective to a thriller, from a fraudulent story to an ironic short story. And fans of the historical detective will find out who actually killed the legendary Oleks Dovbush.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
«Tretii riven'» — persha i iedyna zbirka korotkoi hostro­­siu­zhet­noi prozy Andriia Kokotiukhy. Tut vsi formy kryminal'noi prozy: vid klasychnoho detektyvu do trylera, vid shakhrais'koi istorii do ironichnoi novely. A shanuval'nyky detektyvu isto­rych­noho diznaiut'sia, khto zh naspravdi ubyv lehendarnoho Olek­su Dovbusha.
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