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Landshaft v kartine mira bashkir: Monografiia

Landscape in a picture of the world of the Bashkirs: Monograph
Ufa: Mir pechati , 2019. 128 p. Soft. ISBN 978-5-9613-0595-1. 50 copies.  In Russian
For the first time on the basis of extensive field material and information from folklore sources, the features of perception by the Bashkirs of different types of landscape — mountains, forests, steppes, rivers and lakes — are revealed.
Status: in regional stock marc21
V rabote vpervye na osnove obshirnogo polevogo materiala i svedenii iz fol'klornykh istochnikov raskryvaiutsia osobennosti vospriiatiia bashkirami raznykh vidov landshafta – gor, lesa, stepi, rek i ozer. Kniga rasschitana na istorikov, etnografov, kul'turologov i vsekh interesuiushchikhsia dannoi problematikoi. Avtory: Absaliamova IUliia Alikovna - kandidat istoricheskikh nauk, Mannapov Marsel' Muritovich - kandidat istoricheskikh nauk, Migranova El'za Venerovna- kandidat istoricheskikh nauk.

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