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Sozvezdie geroev zemli belorusskoi: Spravochnoe izdanie

Constellation of heroes of the Belarusian land: Reference Edition
Minsk: Belaruskaia Entsyklapedyia imia P. Broўki , 2019. 360 p., il. 29 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-985-11-1186-8. 1000 copies.  In Russian
The new book “The constellation of heroes of the Belarusian land”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The publication is part of the series “Belarus remembers. In the name of life and peace. ” The book is dedicated to the heroes of the Belarusian land - those who, in the name of love for their native land, often at the cost of their own lives fulfilled their civic duty. These are soldiers, officers, generals who have shown courage, fearlessness, military skill and readiness for self-sacrifice - people whose names should be kept in the people's memory.
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Novaia knèha «Sozvezdèe heroev zemlè belorusskoi», posviaùennaia 75-letèiu osvobozhdenèia Belarusè ot nemetsko-fashèstskèkh zakhvatchèkov è 75-letèiu Pobedy v Velèkoi Otechestvennoi voine. Èzdanèe vkhodèt v serèiu «Belarus' pomnèt. Vo èmia zhèznè è mèra». Knèha posviaùena heroiam belorusskoi zemlè – tem, kto vo èmia liubvè k rodnoi zemle, neredko tsenoi sobstvennoi zhèznè èspolnèl svoi hrazhdanskèi dolh. Eto soldaty, ofètsery, heneraly, proiavèvshèe smelost', besstrashèe, voènskoe masterstvo è hotovnost' k samopozhertvovanèiu – liudè, ch'è èmena dolzhny khranèt'sia v narodnoi pamiatè.

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