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Stories de Tanger.
Casablanca: Editions du Sirocco , 2009. 112 p., color il. Soft. ISBN 9789954885178.  In French
The short stories of the Tangier writer Mohamed Mrabet, blend tales of extraordinary, dream inhabiting creatures with the experiences of his exceptional and simple life. He, the fisherman of Merkala Beach, knows how Truman Capote lost his voice. He also knows how people in general can be blind and deaf, attracted to life's superficialities instead of paying attention to the plants and animals who speak to us. His drawings and paintings illustrate his fantasy world filled with colour. Paul Bowles revealed Mrabet's literary talent in the 1960s. Today, he is published in numerous countries and translated into thirteen different languages. A man of other literary engagements, Simon-Pierre Hamelin rediscovers for us the always fascinating voice, the fertile and magnificent imagination of a man who neither reads nor writes, but recounts, draws and paints when not fishing. Mrabet's artwork, long part of prestigious private collections, is here now finally shown; and the book is also the first Moroccan edition of Mohamed Mrabet's literary work.
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