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Nak'de otiva svet': Globalniiat politicheski labirint prez pogleda na b'lgarski diplomati

Where Is the World Heading? : The Global Political Labyrinth as Seen by Bulgarian Diplomats
Sofiia: Iztok-Zapad , 2020. 368 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9786190106845.  In Bulgarian
In this book readers will find the answers to many questions concerning the complex processes of transformation in the world, which are unfolding before our eyes, and may get an idea about what awaits us in the future. Diplomacy is considered to be an art. The ability to suggest solutions to complex international problems calls for common sense and consistent pursuit of the national interest. If politicians heeded the recommendations of career diplomats rather than serving narrow partisan interests and leaving strategic issues unresolved, they could be more successful, at least in the international arena.
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