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Light and shadow in Namibia : | Everyday life in a dreamland
Hamburg: Palmato Publishing , 2015. 205 p. Soft. ISBN 9783946205005 .  In German
When I moved to Namibia in 2008, it was not my first encounter with life in distant countries. At first I fell in love with Namibia's breathtaking expanse, with the animal world and the immediacy of nature. I hardly had any idea what kind of people lived here. But they grew dear to my heart. Without whitewashing and blinders, I want to show how it affects a newcomer to live in Namibia today. Some of it may alienate the reader and shake one or the other romantic idea of Namibia, but four years of life in the former German and South African colony correct some illusions and determine my perspective on the society of Namibia.
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