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Rimma: Kniga vospominanii o professore Rimme Vasil'evne Kominoi

Rimma: Reminiscences of Rimma Vasilyevna Komina
Perm': Titul , 1996. 400 p. Hard.  In Russian
Rimma Vasilyevna Komina was a Soviet and Russian specialist in literary criticism, Doctor of Philology, professor (1985), dean of the philological faculty at Perm State University (1977–1982), the author of handbook "Contemporary Soviet literature" (1984), one of the key people in cultural life in Perm in the 1970s and 1980s. Her famous students are Jury Belikov and Boris Kondakov.
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KOMINA RIMMA VASIL'EVNA (30.05.1926, g. Zlatoust CHeliabinskoi obl. - 12.10.1995, g. Perm'), doktor filologicheskikh nauk (1985), professor.
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