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Les passagers de l'oubli.
Mohammedia: Senso Unico Editions , 2005. 84 p. Soft. ISBN 9789954838372.  In French
In a sad, rainy day, a young woman accepts a dinner invitation reluctantly. Nothing makes her expect that her destiny is taking shape and will sit at her table. For Leonor-Zina meeting with Karim is a sudden and blinding revelation of love, but also the beginning of a journey into her inner self, to the rhythm of encounters and partings, presence and absence. Within her dual identity, Leonor is the wind, Zina the flame, both capable of sweeping all away to leave place only to passion. Leonor’s certainties come from her growing up in the Western world, Zina is Oriental, impregnable and has always stood apart, hiding for years until she emerges violently in a bewitching fragrance, in silences…In a subtle game of veils raised and drawn over pictures from the past, Leonor and Zina stare at each other, recognize each other and give in completely to love. Yasmina Filali’s talent and great sensibility bind us to the story of an intense life flash and make us share it. Her words, filled with poetry, are thousands of mirrors reflecting emotions that mark our memory like scars.

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