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KHroniki na Vazoviia rod.

Chronicles of the Vazov Family
Sofiia: Zakharii-Stoianov , 2020. 480 p. 24 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789540914824.  In Bulgarian
The family which gave Bulgaria its literary patriarch Ivan Vazov (1850-1921) also produced two remarkable military leaders, generals Georgi and Vladimir Vazov, as well as journalist, politician and diplomat Boris Vazov, physician and brilliant diagnostician Kiril Vazov, and merchant and construction entrepreneur Nikola Vazov. Ivan and Georgi Vazov were government ministers, Boris was Bulgarian ambassador to Czechia, Vladimir served two terms as mayor of Sofia, and Dr. K. Vazov was director of the Bulgarian hospital in Constantinople. The book traces the Vazovs' history from the 17th century to the present time. The family endured a lot of hardships before, during and after Bulgaria's liberation from Ottoman Turkish rule in 1878 and particularly after the communist takeover in 1944, but invariably rose from the ashes of destruction.
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