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Viina tsyvilizatsii: anatomiia rosiis'ko-ukrains'koho konfliktu.

War of Civilizations: Anatomy of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
Kyiv : KMA , 2020. 436 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-518-766-0; 9789665187660.  In Ukrainian
The monograph is the author's second book on the current Russian-Ukrainian hybrid war. However, its content is broader than the events of the war itself. The author tries to answer the fundamental questions: with whom, why and for what is the war? What is pushing Muscovy for 500 years in a row to invariably direct weapons against Ukraine? What principles, methods, technologies guide the aggressor? The theoretical basis for answering the questions is a civilizational approach. He argues that the current war is intercivilizational in nature. Ukraine remains an outpost of European (Western) civilization and is at war for existence and its own identity with the Moscow-Horde civilization, which has not changed its own socio-cultural code for hundreds of years since its inception in the Mongol Empire.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
Monohrafiia ie druhoiu knyhoiu avtora, shcho prysviachena potochnii rosiis'ko-ukrains'kii hibrydnii viini.Prote ii zmist – bil'sh shyrokym, nizh podii samoi viiny. Avtor namahaiet'sia datyvidpovid' na fundamental'ni zapytannia: z kym, chomu i za shcho vedet'sia viina? SHCHoshtovkhaie Moskoviiu 500 rokiv pospil' nezminno spriamovuvaty zbroiu proty Ukrainy? IAkymy pryntsypamy, metodamy, tekhnolohiiamy keruiet'sia ahresor? Teoretychnoiu bazoiu vidpovideina postavleni pytannia ie tsyvilizatsiinyi pidkhid. Vin dozvoliaie stverdzhuvaty, shchopotochna viina maie mizhtsyvilizatsiinyi kharakter. Ukraina zalyshaiet'sia forpostom ievropeis'koi (zakhidnoi) tsyvilizatsii i vede viinuza isnuvannia ta vlasnu identychnist' z moskovs'ko-ordyns'koiu tsyvilizatsiieiu, shcho nezminiuie vlasnyi sotsiokul'turnyi kod sotni rokiv vid momentu svoho vynyknennia naruinakh monhol's'koi imperii.
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