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Testove po Nakazatelen protses (Treto dop'lneno i preraboteno izdanie).

Criminal Proceedings (The third completed and revised edition)
Sofiia: Siela , 2018. 304 p. 21 cm. Soft. ISBN 9789542825180.  In Bulgarian
The Criminal Proceedings Compendium contains nearly a thousand questions in the area of ​​criminal procedural law, structured in 70 tests, each of which includes 15 questions. The test methodology ensures high assessment objectivity of the assessment, which is not dependent on the teacher's subjective preferences. In addition, periodic testing makes it possible to determine the dynamics of changes in the training levels of learners. The test methodology also allows the accumulation of new knowledge as well as the mechanical processing of the results, and thus the knowledge of a large number of trainees can be assessed in terms of speed and operability.
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