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Kniga pamiati zhertv politicheskikh repressii v gorode Magnitogorske i prilegaiushchikh sel'skikh raionakh: Agapovskii, Bredinskii, Varnenskii, Verkhneural'skii, Kizil'skii, Kartalinskii, Nagaibakskii, Plastovskii, Troitskii, Uiskii, CHesmenskii, 1920-1953 gg. .

Memory book of political repressions victims from Magnitogorsk and affiliated rural areas: Agapovsky, Bredinsky, Varnensky, Verkhneuralski, Kizilsky, Kartalinsky, Nagaybaksky, Plastovsky, Troitsky, Uysky, Chesmensky, 1920-1953
Tom 11: Magnitogorsk: CHeliabinsk: Magnitogorskii dom pechati , 2019. 407 p., il. 29 cm. Soft. ISBN 978-5-7114-0699-0. 121 copies.  In Russian
Alphabetic lists of the repressed natives and citizens of Magnitogorsk: more than 1600 biographical references, including full name, date and place of birth, date of repression, reason for rehabilitation, date of rehabilitation. This volume is enlarged with the names of the repressed people from another three regions: Plastovsky, Troitsky and Uysky. Based on archival materials and memoirs.
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