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Pamiats'. Historyka-dakumental'naia khronika Orshy i Arshanskaha raiona. U 2 knihakh.

Memory. Historical Documentary Chronicle of Orsha and Orsha District
Kniha 1: Minsk: Belaruskaia Entsyklapedyia , 1999. 384 p. Hard. ISBN 985-11-0156-7.  In Belarusian
Encyclopedia on the history of Orsha and Orsha district of Vitsebsk region: basic figures, maps, review of history and economic development, articles about public figures of different periods, a full list of people who perished during World War II, etc. We can also offer the following books of the "Pamiats" line describing Vitsebsk Region: Hlybokae, Dubrovna, Chashniki, Miiory, Braslau, Lepel, Rasony, Leznensk, Beshankovichi, Polatsk, Verkhniadzvinsk, Talachyn, Pastavy and Shumilin areas, Polatsk city.
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