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Protopop Avvakum: Izbrannoe (putevoditel' po vremeni i prostranstvu)

Protopope Avvakum: Selected writings (time and space guide)
Krasnoiarsk: Bukva Stateinova , 2019. 400 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-6041661-8-5. 1000 copies.  In Russian
Avvakum Petrov (1620 – April 14) was a Russian protopope of the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square who led the opposition to Patriarch Nikon's reforms of the Russian Orthodox Church. His autobiography and letters to the tsar, Boyarynya Morozova, and other Old Believers are considered masterpieces of 17th-century Russian literature.
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Issledovanie zhizni velikogo bortsa za dukhovnost' Rossii. Avvakum Petrov (1620 - 1682) — sviashchennik Russkoi tserkvi, protopop, odin iz pervykh dukhovnykh vozhdei staroobriadchestva i dukhovnyi pisatel', kotoromu pripisyvaiut neskol'ko desiatkov sochinenii. Avtor: Stateinov Anatolii Petrovich, CHlen Soiuza pisatelei Rossii.

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