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Velikie materi vydaiushchikhsia lichnostei.

Great mothers of outstanding personalities
Almaty: Kazak entsiklopediiasy , 2020. 174 p. 29 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-601-7967-21-5; 9786017967215.  In Russian
The book is based on the unique life stories of mothers who left their mark in the history of mankind by raising great, outstanding geniuses.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
Kniga osnovana na unikal'nykh zhiznennykh istoriiakh materei, ostavivshikh sled v istorii chelovechestva tem, chto vospitali velikikh,vydaiushchikhsia geniev, vliiavshikh na khod mirovykh sobytii i sud'by millionov liudei.
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