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Nesmirennyi zhivopisets.

Not a humble painter
Murmansk: Drozdov-na-Murmane , 2018. 270 p., il., portraits. 25 cm. ISBN 978-9905849-8-3 . 500 copies.  In Russian
The biographical novel on the life and work of Vitaly Maslov (1935-2001), a famous Soviet writer, poet, member of the USSR Union of Writers. The author was nominated for the Patriarch Literary Prize for this work.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
Proizvedenie, sozdannoe v zhanre romana-biografii, posviashcheno zhizni i tvorchestvu znamenitogo pisatelia, moriaka i obshchestvennogo deiatelia Vitaliia Semenovicha Maslova (1935-2001). Avtor: Korzhov Dmitrii Valer'evich (rod. 1971) - izvestnyi murmanskii poet, pisatel' i zhurnalist, laureat Oblastnoi obshchestvennoi premii imeni Vitaliia Maslova. Nominant Patriarshei literaturnoi premii im. Kirilla i Mefodiia.

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