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Itogi i posledstviia Pervoi mirovoi voiny: vzgliad cherez stoletie: Sbornik statei Vserossiiskoi nauchno-teoreticheskoi konferentsii (g. Voronezh, 16–17 maia 2018 g.)

The results and consequences of the First World War: a look through a century: Collection of articles of All-Russian scholarly and theoretical conference (Voronezh, May 16-17, 2018)
Voronezh: Nauchnaia kniga , 2018. 422 p. ISBN 978-5-4446-1241-5. 500 copies.  In Russian
The book reviews topical issues related to the socio-economic and political consequences of the war, the history of international relations, the development of military thought and military art, as well as the impact of the war on world culture and art.
Status: in regional stock marc21
V nastoiashchei knige publikuiutsia materialy Vserossiiskoi nauchno-teoreticheskoi konferentsii «Itogi Pervoi mirovoi voiny: vzgliad cherez stoletie», prokhodivshei v Voennom uchebno-nauchnom tsentre Voenno-vozdushnykh sil «Voenno-vozdushnaia akademiia imeni professora N. E. ZHukovskogo i IU. A. Gagarina» 16–17 maia 2018 g. Rassmatrivaiutsia aktual'nye problemy, sviazannye s sotsial'no-ekonomicheskimi i politicheskimi posledstviiami voiny, istoriei mezhdunarodnykh otnoshenii, razvitiem voennoi mysli i voennogo iskusstva, a takzhe vliianiem voiny na mirovuiu kul'turu i iskusstvo. Bogdashkin Aleksandr Andreevich - kandidat istoricheskikh nauk.
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