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Belovezhskaia Pushcha. Issledovaniia: Sbornik nauchnykh statei

Belovezhskaia pushcha. Research papers: Collection of scholarly articles
Vypusk 16: Brest: Al'ternativa , 2018. 276 p., art paper, photos. 21 cm. Hard. ISBN 978-985-521-658-3. 60 copies.  In Russian. Summaries in English
The collection presents the results of scientific research conducted on the territory of the State Environmental Protection Institution "Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park". Part of the research was carried out as part of the “Program in support of the reserve in Belovezhskoe Pushcha”, carried out by the GPU “National Park Beovozhskaya Pushcha” and the public organization “Akhova ptushak Batskaushchyna” with the support of the Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany).
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V sbornèke èzlozheny rezul'taty nauchnykh èssledovanèi, provedennykh na terrètorèè Hosudarstvennoho prèrodookhrannoho uchrezhdenèia "Natsèonal'nyi park Belovezhskaia puùa". CHast' èssledovanèi vypolneny v ramkakh "Prohrammy v podderzhku zapovednostè v Belovezhskots puùe", vypolniaemoi HPU "Natsèonal'nyi park "Beovezhskaia puùa" è obùestvennoi orhanèzatsèei "Akhova ptushak Bats'kaushchyny" prè podderzhke Frankfurtskoho zoolohècheskoho obùestva (Hermanèia).

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