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Rozkopki u Baturinі 2012 r: Kul'tura kozats'koї elіti Mazepinogo dvoru

Excavations in Baturyn in 2012: The culture of Cossack elite at Mazepa's court
The booklet discusses the results of Canadian-Ukrainian excavations in 2012-13 of the site of Mazepa's burned palace in Baturyn and features computer reconstructions of its architectural design and rich baroque decorations. Archaeological data provides valuable insights into the lifestyle, education, intellectual pursuits, and cultural interests of the Cossack officers or officials at Mazepa's court. Archaeological findings also attest to the high level of development of arts and crafts in the capital of the Hetman state and the city's dynamic trade relations with Western Europe, Muscovy (Russia), and the Ottoman Empire.
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