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Natsyianal'naia bibliiateka Belarusi, 1922-1992: Da 70-hoddzia z dnia zasnavannia i 100-hoddzia z dnia naradzhennia pershaha dyrektara I.B. Simanouskaha: Bibliiahrafichny pakazal'nik

National Library of Belarus, 1922-1992: To the 70th anniversary of foundation and 100th anniversary of its first director I.B. Simanouski: bibliographical index
Minsk: Natsyianal'naia bibliiateka Belarusi , 1992. 232 p. 19.5 cm. Soft. ISBN 5-7815-1060-5. 300 copies.  In Belarusian and Russian
The edition includes works and articles on history of development of the National Library of the Republic of Belarus in 1922-1992.
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