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Okhotniki za FAU.

The FAA Hunters
KHar'kov: Folio , 2020. 416 p. Hard. ISBN 978-966-03-8674-7; 9789660386747 .  In Russian
Georgy Tushkan (1905 - 1965) is a wonderful writer, author of adventure and science fiction works. With the outbreak of World War II, he volunteered for the front. He was seriously injured. After the cure, he was searching for the German secret weapon. These events are largely reflected in his story “The FAA Hunters,” where he shows that war is not only the cutting edge, trenches, endless attacks and retreats. There is also a secret war, the main thing in which is information. To know how the enemy will behave, which tactics to use, what shortcomings in his weapons means to bring his future victory closer.
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Heorhyi Tushkan (1905 - 1965) - zamechatel'nûi pysatel', avtor prykliuchencheskykh y fantastycheskykh proyzvedenyi. S nachalom Vtoroi myrovoi voinû ushiol dobrovol'tsem na front. Bûl tiazhelo ranen. Posle yzlechenyia zanymalsia poyskamy nemetskoho sekretnoho oruzhyia. Ýty sobûtyia vo mnohom nashly otrazhenye v eho povesty «Okhotnyky za FAU», hde on pokazûvaet, chto voina - ýto ne tol'ko perednyi krai, okopû, beskonechnûe ataky y otstuplenyia. Est' eshche tainaia voina, hlavnoe v kotoroi - ynformatsyia. Znat', kak protyvnyk budet sebia vesty, kakuiu prymenyt taktyku, kakye nedostatky u eho vooruzhenyia - znachyt pryblyzyt' svoiu budushchuiu pobedu.
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