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Molokane. Malen'kaia Rossiia na severe Armenii.

The Molokans. Little Russia in the north of Armenia
Erevan: Kollazh , 2018. 108 p., il. Soft. ISBN 978-9939-855-62-2; 9789939855622.  In Russian
This illustrated edition is devoted to representatives of one of the currents of Orthodoxy, spiritual Molokan Christians living in the villages of Fioletovo and Lermontovo located in the north of Armenia. The book tells about the history of the Molokans in the Caucasus, all about the peculiarities of their beliefs, how the material was collected about the Molokans at the turn of the XX-XXIst centuries, about the features of the divine service rites and about their famous syllable singing.

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