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Genuezskaia Gazariia i Zolotaia Orda.

The Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde
Tom 2: Kishinev: Stratum , 2019. 824 p. Hard. ISBN 9789975319881.  In Russian and English
The second issue of the collection of articles “Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde” is dedicated to the memory of an outstanding figure in Russian science, archaeologist, historian and numismatist, the founder of the Russian school of the Golden Horde archeology, professor of Moscow State University G. A. Fedorov-Davydov. The publication covers the issues of historical and geographical research of territories and historical and topographical studies of cities and monuments of archeology of the Byzantine Empire, the Mongolian state, the Golden Horde, Genoese Gazaria in the XIII-XV centuries and the states-heirs of these countries in the XVI-XVIII centuries on the Eurasian continent.

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