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Recurrent genocidal nightmares: the hidden side of Euro-African encounters, 1450-1950.
Cameroon: Langaa RPCIG , 2019. 302 p. Soft. ISBN 9789956550579.  In English
Tatah Mentan is Theodore Lentz scholar of Peace and Security Studies and Professor of Political Science. He has authored many books on burning world issues in areas like political economy of international relations, the predatory wars of corporate globalization and democratization in a netarchic world torn and convulsed by corporate capitalist cannibalism and warfarism.
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CHirkina N.A. (ed.)
Sverdlovskaia oblast', 2017.
Telkov B., Isupova O.
Kapitany proizvodstv.
T.J. Pheto, Keith Phetlhe
Botlhodi: The Abomination.

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