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Hitler and the Jews: Novel
Kathmandu: Oriental Publication House Pvt. Ltd. , 2016. 216 p. Soft. ISBN 9789937593663.  In English
This book is based on the political history of Nepal. In this book, the author has described about the autocratic rule in Nepal and the struggle the leaders of different political parties had to do against those dictators. In this book, the author has explained about the painful experience in prison during those struggling periods. Similarly, through this book, the author has even mentioned about the Nepali society of that time. Similarly, here in some places it is also mentioned about the world war and the history of Hitler. This book also describes about the different aspects of life. Here, it is also shown about the relationship and the love between a husband and a wife. Similarly, somewhere it also talks about the pain and sorrow arisen at the time of departure from our beloved ones and own nation. Thus, this book has presented us different aspects of life. This book must be read at least for once.
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