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Business management: An African perspective
Cape Town: UCT Press , 2020. 599 p. Soft. ISBN 9781485130550.  In English
This introductory textbook to Business Management covers all the topics most important to those interested in the business world and managing businesses in South Africa, Africa and globally. They include: General management, including planning, organising, leading and control; Financial management; Operations management; Purchasing; Logistics and supply chain management; Management Information Systems; Marketing management and public relations; Human resource management. The book also covers the business environment, entrepreneurship and business ethics. It has been written by distinguished authors, all experts in their respective fields from various universities and the private sector, who share their knowledge and experience with a theoretically sound but practical approach. Its intended readers are undergraduate students doing a course in Introductory Business Management as part of a degree or diploma at a university, university of technology or private college.

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Nieuwenhuizen C.
Business management.

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