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Istoriia (NE) izvestnogo zhurnalista.

The Story of a (NOT) Famous Journalist
Kiev: Sammit-kniga , 2019. 256 p. Soft. ISBN 978-966-9860-82-8; 9789669860828.  In Russian
In 2008, Vladimir Biryukov received an award from the Red Cross Society for the best article on donation, “Become a donor, help the patient,” and a grant for the charity concert “Wings of Hope”. “The Story of a (Not) Famous Journalist” is a short prose that contains interesting, colorful stories about the work of a journalist. The author tried to include in the book the very situations associated with his professional activities. He also decided by personal example to share how not to do it and how to get out of uncomfortable situations correctly before or during the recording of an interview. The most famous stars of show business, theater and cinema have made history.
Status: available to be ordered marc21
V 2008 hodu Vladymyr Byriukov poluchyl nahradu ot Obshchestva Krasnoho Kresta za luchshuiu stat'iu po donorstvu "Stan' donorom, pomohy bol'nomu", y hrant na provedenye blahotvorytel'noho kontserta «Krûl'ia nadezhdû». «Ystoryia (Ne) yzvestnoho zhurnalysta» - korotkaia proza, v kotoroi sobranû ynteresnûe, krasochnûe ystoryy o rabote zhurnalysta. Avtor postaralsia vkliuchyt' v knyhu samûe sytuatsyy, sviazannûe so svoei professyonal'noi deiatel'nost'iu. Takzhe on na lychnom prymere reshyl podelyt'sia, kak ne stoyt delat', y kak pravyl'no vûkhodyt' yz neudobnûkh polozhenyi do yly vo vremia zapysy ynterv'iu. V ystoryiu popaly samûe yzvestnûe zvezdû shou-byznesa, teatra y kyno.

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