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Sociological studies.
06/year: Sociological Studies editorial office , 1986. Soft. ISSN 1002-5936.  In Chinese
Founded in January 1986 and sponsored by the Sociology Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Sociological Studies is a top-notch scholarly journal in China, and could be traced back to its predecessorsSociology Newsletter (internal journal, 1981-1984) and Social Investigation and Research (1985). Since its establishment, Sociological Studies has been undergoing four development stages of introducing Western sociology, promoting the normalization of China’s sociological research, publishing exceptional research papers on important issues of China’s social development, and steering the direction of Chinese sociological research. After decades of development, Sociological Studies is increasingly respected by sociologists in China and abroad, and is getting more and more attention from all scholars worldwide studying the Chinese society. With its enhanced academic rigor and research excellence, Sociological Studies is increasingly regarded as the leading academic journal in China’s sociological research. The mission of Sociological Studies is to facilitate academic exchange and promote the academic progress of Chinese sociology. With an emphasis on normative empirical studies, the Journal strives to broaden academic vision, refines theoretical thoughts, and builds a first-rate sociological platform for academic exchange. After more than 30-years development since the revival of Chinese sociology in 1978, the Journal has stepped into a new stage of disciplinary reflection and academic innovation. In recent years, the editorial office has adjusted the journal guideline and column layout, and the current columns include: academic papers, thematic studies, investigation reports, and research reviews.

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